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Shipyard Hilton Head

In Shipyard Hilton Head, there are about 2,100 density units with a peculiar mix of resort, residential, and commercial interests. Twenty-seven holes of golf, tennis courts, a 338-room beachfront hotel, a top-notch health spa, 255 residential lots, about 400 interval ownership apartments, and 1,000 condominium units are tucked away amid the trees.

Its dual access from Pope Avenue and Highway #278 makes living in Shipyard, Hilton Head, one of the island’s most practical sites. Nearby restaurants, shops, banks, movie theaters, a neighborhood hardware store, and the post office are all within a mile of Coligny Plaza. Residents adore Shipyard’s simplicity and handy location. 

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5 Reasons Why Shipyard Hilton Head May Be Your Next Home

1. Rich History

In 1957, Charles Fraser established the first plantation on Hilton Head Island. He also implemented a master land-use plan that complemented and emphasized the island’s natural beauty. Shipyard Hilton Head was the second plantation to be converted for residential use. Like Sea Pines, Shipyard was built with great attention paid to enhancing rather than competing with nature.

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2. Enjoy Luxury Resort Feels

The Shipyard Hilton Head’s business partners are the Sonesta Resort, Van Der Meer Tennis, Hilton Head Health, and Heritage Golf. These organizations collectively give Shipyard the sense of a luxury resort. The area is a reasonably diversified neighborhood with businesses, timeshares, villas, and houses. The four businesses are the Sonesta Resort, Shipyard Golf, Van der Meer Tennis, and Hilton Head Health.

3.The Comforts Of Residential Neighborhoods

In Shipyard Hilton Head, there are two single-family residential neighborhoods. The 400 timeshare apartments are scattered throughout the residential north and south residences surrounding the golf course region. There are also over 1,100 villa units, some of which have tennis courts and pools for their owners’ use. The Atlantic Ocean serves as the nicest pool ever, and the lovely beach at Shipyard gives a lot for visitors and owners to enjoy.

4. Get To Explore the Outdoors

Security, roads, lagoons, and communal areas are all maintained by an on-site company that manages the property. Due to the importance of safety in gated communities, Shipyard operates two staffed gates and two roving patrols around the clock. There is a lot of nature to appreciate while you are here, including bicycle routes, picturesque locations, and rich semi-tropical vegetation. In addition, there is fantastic fauna, including birds, alligators, and even sea turtles.

Enjoy your stay at Shipyard, whether you stay for long or permanently, and get to know the wonderful people who also love this stunning area of Hilton Head Island.


5. The Shipyard Hilton Head Beach Club

The neighborhood’s Beach Club, located directly on the ocean, is a top draw for Shipyard Hilton Head homeowners. The Beach Club is utilized for property owner functions for almost a third of the year. In addition, there are active Men’s and Women’s clubs, instructional events, and numerous social gatherings. Over 400 beach storage lockers rented by property owners are located below the Beach Club, along with restrooms, showers, and convenient access to the beach. Given that the goods stay in the locker, this feature encourages more people to walk and ride bicycles to the beach.

Shipyards have everything with convenience, a lovely beach, traditional neighbors, and a tropical paradise to call home. The entire beach is open to the public, from the ocean to the dunes. However, the Shipyard Beach Club is the only place with exclusive access to the beach. The Shipyard Beach Club and Barcelona Road both have parking. In addition, weather permitting, you can take the free Shipyard Beach Shuttle every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day from Barcelona Road to the Beach Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far is Shipyard Plantation from the Beach?

Shipyard Plantation from the beach is 0.9 miles away. This upmarket resort, surrounded by subtropical vegetation, provides easy access to a white sand beach.

Is Hilton Head Plantation Gated?

Yes, Hilton Head Plantation is gated. The private enclave of Hilton Head Plantation, located on approximately 4,000 acres of spectacular natural splendor on the northern tip of Hilton Head Island, is bordered by the Intracoastal Waterway and Port Royal Sound.

What is the Best Month to Visit Hilton Head?

The best month to visit Hilton Head is in April and May, as well as September and October. While maintaining beach-friendly temps, spring and fall bring fewer tourists and cheaper housing.

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