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Every home has its quirks and its vibe. Its architectural designs and what’s inside the house reflects a particular persona. Find out what type of home best fits your personality in this article.

Hilton Head Island property Homes have personalities. From cozy cabins to huge mansions, there’s undoubtedly a home style that matches your persona. If you’re not sure enough what’s best for you, here are some of the most popular home styles you can choose from.


Different Types of Homes

Ranch Houses

A ranch house is a typical one-story American home. Built on a ranch made to raise livestock, they are usually spacious. This type of home exudes boldness and command. It’s perfect for those who are natural leaders and decisive leaders. This type of home is also for those who are very assertive and are unstoppable.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes are for those who love the modern design and are not afraid to embrace the unconventional. They are for those who are not scared to try asymmetry, the reason why people with introverted personalities often prefer contemporary homes. They are also for the intuitive. 

Lovers of contemporary homes also love to blend inside and outside elements. Likewise, most modern homes nowadays are built with energy-efficient and sustainable materials.

Colonial Homes 

This type of home is well known for its beautiful architecture. The colonial home is a very formal style of home with balanced symmetry. It can be recognized easily with its symmetrical windows and shutters. They also usually have columns at the front doors and with a chimney. 

With their classy look, it looks like it’s always inviting visitors to come. That’s why it’s perfect for those with a warm, engaging, and charismatic personality.

Log Home

Log houses are often built as a getaway place, but some also prefer it as their permanent home. Often built in the mountainous areas, it’s perfect for those who love nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban. 


The bungalow is perhaps the most popular type of home nowadays. You can find it in a friendly neighborhood. They are often small and have fewer rooms but still exude an inviting vibe. This type of home usually has dormer windows and verandas. Most often, bungalows also have squared off columns made of stone, wood, and bricks. 

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