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How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental on Shipyard Plantation

A trip can offer you newfound energy for life’s challenges and perspective. If you’re looking for a place designed to inspire in this way, go no further than Hilton Head Island, with its outstanding natural beauty, proximity to activities and attractions, and fantastic dining and shopping options! Travelers who can’t wait to relax for a while by concentrating only on the fun of life will adore this in South Carolina, especially with Hilton Head’s best offerings.

Because Hilton Head is both beautiful and fascinating, it is the ideal destination for travelers with various interests, especially with the area’s wide selection of activities. However, staying in a vacation rental that places you close to the action might significantly improve your experience.

Are you looking for a relaxing, convenient, and opulent stay? Are you looking to try championship golf courses? The Charles Sampson Group at Charter One Realty is the best realtor who has assisted many clients in finding rentals that best meet their needs. If you are interested in finding the perfect vacation rental in Shipyard Plantation, contact us now, and we will be happy to help you.

How to Find the Perfect Vacation Rental on Shipyard Plantation

Charles Sampson Group of Charter One Realty has some of the best Shipyard vacation rentals available in Hilton Head. Here are tips for choosing the perfect vacation Rentals on Shipyard Plantation.

Read the Description

The description of any rental property might be helpful for what it states and excludes. But regrettably, many homeowners minimize their homes’ flaws while ignoring them when guests visit.

A thorough property description considers both the positives and negatives. If guests are dissatisfied with the vacation rentals, they can express it. Check how many people it can accommodate. Is it a one-bedroom or a 2-3 bedroom villa rental? Is it a vacation rental with pool? Would you like to stay in a Shipyard golf villa? Can the property accommodate the entire family?

People differ; thus, what may be a negative to one person may benefit another. Avoid homes, for instance, whose descriptions employ excessive exclamation points, or place more emphasis on the fun activities in the area than the actual property.

Read the Reviews

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Reviews are reliable indicators of the caliber of the property because they are posted by former guests rather than the owner who is trying to sell the vacation rental. But reviews shouldn’t be your only factor in choosing. It’s essential to remember, though, that typically the people who take the time to write them have either had a terrible or fantastic time at the rental.

It doesn’t necessarily indicate a Shipyard Vacation Rentals is a dubious vacation rental if there are no reviews. The rental is a more recent development. In this case, getting in touch with the owner could be a great way to find out more and get confidence in the house.

Check Amenities Carefully

Not every vacation rental is suitable for every visitor. However, by checking the list of amenities included in the pricing, you can ensure you have all you require. For example, do you need to bring your towels and toilet paper, or are such items provided? Is a fully equipped kitchen in the vacation rental if you want to cook your meals? Do you want private beach access, or is a community pool more to your liking?

You might also want to check if it’s accessible to Hilton Head’s scenic golf courses, if these are vacation rentals with pool, or if it has access to the Shipyard Beach Club. The island is popular for its beautiful beaches. If you prefer scenic bike rides, check out the nearest place that offers quality bike rentals.

Ensure you understand what you’re getting to maintain harmony during your vacation and prevent unpleasant surprises later. Then, use the search options on the booking page to narrow the selection of rentals to those that fit your criteria.


Knowing the property’s location, you are interested in and the neighboring transport alternatives are essential for a great stay. You are checking if bike paths are accessible from the rental location. There are miles of paved bike paths within the Shipyard Plantation.

Unfortunately, you may only spend part of the day at the beaches because your vacation property on Shipyard Plantation may be on the other side of town. However, your location may be close to the Shipyard Beach Club or a community pool.

In less convenient locations, the cost is typically lower, but the cost of transportation will be higher. Depending on your decision, you may or may not bring your automobile. Make sure your rental has easy access to public transportation if you plan to commute, especially if you want to be in proximity to Hilton Head Island’s famous beaches.

Look at the Neighborhood

shipyard plantation rentals

There are other elements of the property’s location worth considering besides transportation. Google to view the neighborhood. Is it secure? Is parking simple to find? Do you have any neighboring noisy clubs that would trouble you at night? If there are skyscrapers all around the property, are you expecting a view? Is it close to the Shipyard Beach Club? Some people also prefer to be close to a community pool & tennis courts.

A vacation rental doesn’t have room service, so you’ll also want to know where the neighborhood eateries and supermarkets are. Finally, if you’re a beach bum, consider the property’s proximity to Hilton Head’s award-winning beaches and golf courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shipyard Plantation Hilton Head?

Shipyard Plantation Hilton Head is the second gated neighborhood south of Hilton Head Island. It is about halfway between Palmetto Dunes and Sea Pines. Despite being the smallest of all the plantations on Hilton Head, this private resort community is charming.

Are There Any Private Beaches at Shipyard Plantation?

Shipyard has top-notch tennis and golf courses like the Shipyard Golf Club, biking and jogging paths, a luxury hotel, a spa, and, most significantly, a beach. In addition, owners in Shipyard benefit from an exclusive Beach Club and a strong sense of neighborhood thanks to various social and educational programs.

When Was Shipyard Plantation Hilton Head Built?

The Shipyard Plantation is the 2nd plantation developed by Charles Frazer on Hilton Head Island in 1957 for residential use.

shipyard plantation rentals

The Best Real Estate Agents

The Shipyard Plantation rentals are a great option if you’re seeking a magnificent and opulent spot to stay during your next trip to Hilton Head. It’s the ideal place to unwind and appreciates serenity thanks to its roomy residences and top-notch amenities. And if you need help finding the Perfect Vacation Rental on Shipyard Plantation, don’t hesitate to contact Charles Sampson Group Of Charter One Realty. We’ll be pleased to assist you in locating the ideal vacation rental for your requirements.

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