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May 03,2018 0comments

Hilton Head Island Homeowners Most Likely Will Not Be Paying Extra Real Estate Tax This Year

Town Meeting Hilton Head IslandAt its May 1, 2018 town meeting, the community Council offered a unanimous approval to the recommended the 2019 budget plan, which is $9.4 million less compared to the current year’s budget.

A public hearing, as well as a modified first reading of the $79.8 million spending plan, is intended, with last approval anticipated to be at the June 19 town council meeting.

“The ’17 spending plan was an anomaly since it was so aggressive in the number of projects,” supervisor of finance, John Troyer informed the members. “We have eased back right into a longer lasting spending plan.”

Troyer likewise, stated that because the community asked citizens to pay even more in 2017– by executing a five-year, 5-mill rise to restore hurricane reserves– this budget plan does not propose to pay more. Instead, it intends to use funds that are available and also to limit operating expenses. Troyer mentioned this in his presentation to the council.

The Capital Projects Fund will undoubtedly have the most significant decline in financing– regarding $6.8 million less than last year– if the spending plan is accepted without Town Meeting Hilton Headsubstantial adjustments. That reduction is mainly because the community started many big tasks the previous year that are now concluding. The projects such as the College of South Carolina Beaufort hospitality campus, beach renourishment, and also roadway projects.

Planned improvements next year consist of the following; community sewage system development, road enhancements and also roadway paving, to name a few.

What Does This Mean For Us As Residents of Hilton Head Island?

It appears that our town board members are keeping a watch on the finances and putting money back into the Hilton Head infrastructure. This makes Hilton head an even nicer place to live. At the same time, it does not make it more of a tax cost to our residents. This type of financial care goes a long way for our Hilton Head community. It’s another reason you would want to consider moving to and living here in beautiful Hilton Head Island.  Be sure to use a quality realtor with years of Hilton Head experience to find what would be right for you. Come live the Hilton Head Island lifestyle. Give the professionals at Charles Sampson Group of Charter Realty a call.

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