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Knowing Hilton Head Plantation in South Carolina

Hilton Head Plantation, located on Hilton Head Island’s north end, is the island’s second-largest plantation. It offers spectacular waterfront views of Skull Creek and Port Royal Sound. With over 4,000 acres, Hilton Head is surrounded by the Intracoastal Waterway. As a result, it is an excellent choice for buyers looking for the island’s premier location to live, work and play. Hilton Head Plantation is home to over seven miles of nature and leisure trails. It also has three miles of beach along Port Royal Sound. Finally, it is where we can find the award-winning Cypress Retirement Community and Ribaut Island (a private secluded neighborhood within Hilton Head Plantation which offers spectacular views of both the ocean and the marsh).

Hilton Head Plantation Has Excellent Amenities Suited For All Ages

Swimming pools
Tennis courts,
Seabrook Farms for gardening,
Skull Creek Marina,
Old Fort Pub restaurant, and the
community recreation center are some of the amenities Hilton Head Plantation provides.

Hilton Head Plantation Living

Hilton Head Plantation has properties that are for sale including residential homes, lots and villas. Residents who are living in residential homes are allowed to have some exterior changes; however, they have to submit applications to the housing authority for permission. There is an approval requirement for assurance of architectural conformity. Thus, it prevents many problems or issues. At the same time, it creates a clean and organized community.

The  staff elects members who are responsible for the quality of the services the plantation offers. Furthermore, the staff maintains the state and condition of Hilton Head Plantation. This is the reason people from everywhere are truly in awe with Hilton Head Island’s natural beauty.

Security in Hilton Head Plantation

Security is a huge benefit and reason people love living in Hilton Head Island. They have a number of seasoned and experienced security men and women who know Hilton Head Plantation from every corner. Even more, the Hilton Head Security team ensures safety of the residents and guests on a 24/7 basis. Hilton Head Plantation’s objectives are met by interactions with the homeowners or residents when necessary, solving community-based problems and issues, adhering to ethical standards of conduct and respecting the law.

Natural Beauty and Wildlife in Hilton Head Plantation

This 137-acre conservancy is located within Hilton Head Plantation. HHI Land Trust members who live outside this Plantation may phone for a day pass.

Formed as a shallow valley between ancient shoreline dunes, it consists primarily of freshwater black gum (or tupelo) forested swamp and open “savannah” swamp. Surrounding the wetlands is a swamp edge transition zone of thick, head-high bushes. This separates the swamp from the pine dominated uplands. This breadth of habitats supports approximately 75 plant species and 100 wildlife species.

There is a 1,100-foot elevated boardwalk that allows access to the heart of the swamp. Additionally, there are three trails that allow further viewing of the various habitats. The Land Trust surveys the plants and animals of the Conservancy and places interpretive signage along the boardwalk and trails.

Hilton Head Plantation: Main Street ShoppingCome live in a paradise with everything you need from excellent shopping, restaurants, and medical facilities. The award-winning Hilton Head Island welcomes you. The Hilton Head Plantation is a really beautiful and tranquil place to live with everything you could want for a quality way of life.

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