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June 30,2015 0comments

New Area Codes Are Coming To South Carolina For A Reason

Buyers are listening Area Codes in South Carolina when we say “Come for a Visit and Stay for a Lifetime!” There is a reason for new area codes in South Carolina!

A few good examples of this are the fact that real estate home sales on Hilton Head Island in 2015 are 8% higher than the first 6 months of 2014. The second example is the fact that the need for a new telephone area code for the eastern 1/3 of South Carolina, the coastal area from North Carolina to Hilton Head Island.

As of January 1, 1947 all of South Carolina had the 803 area code. In December of 1995, the 864 area code was established for the North West area of South Carolina area codes in South Carolina. As of March 22, 1998, the coast of South Carolina was split from the 803 area code with the addition of a new area code of 843. New area codes in South Carolina will fulfill the need for growth we are experiencing.
Today with the number of folks realizing how great it is to be living in the eastern part of South Carolina, especially along the coast like Hilton Head Island, the new area code 854 is being added in the fall of 2015.

Changes in Area Codes in South Carolina (Hilton Head) Won’t Be Confusing

Unlike previous changes, the 854 area code will be added as an “overlay” to the 843 area code and both will serve the same area. You might ask “what does all this mean?” First of all, no one will have to change their phone number; second, beginning September 19, 2015, we will need to dial 10 digits to complete a local call. That means you will have to include the area code for all calls Area Codes in South Carolina. Beginning October 19, 2015, the new 854 area code numbers will be assigned.
There are a few things those of us who have the 843 area code can do now to get ready for the changeover, update any pre-programed 7 digit numbers or text alerts, re-program any service or device (i.e. speed dial, cell forwarding, fax machines, internet dial-up or voicemail, alarms, etc.). Also check any printed material or websites to assure they reflect the 10 digit numbers.
Rest assured that we at the Charles Sampson Group of Charter One Realty will be here at 843-681-3307 or by voice or text on our cell at 843-384-7300.

Should you have any questions about the area code in South Carolina overlay of 843/854 or anything to do with real estate on Hilton Head Island or in the Lowcountry, please give us a call, or send a text or email to With a fall 2015 real estate purchase, you just may be assigned the 854 area code since the area codes in South Carolina are changing, undoubtedly you will be able to begin living the Island Lifestyle! If Everyone is doing moving south, there must be a great reason. Call us today at 843-384-7300 and we will show you the way!

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