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May 23,2018 0comments

Charles Sampson, a known pundit in Hilton Head Island is looked to for information about the real estate market in Hilton Head Island talks about the realtor association and how funds in the amount of $70,000 have been raised to build another Habitat home. Mr. Sampson continued discussing how Charter One Realty is a dominant player in the Hilton Head Island market with a whopping 24% of the business. Furthermore, Charter One is ranked in the top 500 by Real Trends in the United States.

Real Estate is Back On Track With Great Numbers

The phone has been ringing since January 1, 2018. People from the Northeast are realizing the amazing quality of life in Hilton Head Island. Numbers have not been this good since 2005. This is because people are seeing the value. Though the average house price in Hilton Head Island was about $850K in 2005, our $650k is on the mend. “People seem to be buying more of a finished perfect house over location these days.” We need to find the best house it can be. It is also a good idea to have the right agent with the right experience.

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