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Every home has its quirks and its vibe. Its architectural designs and what’s inside the house reflects a particular persona. Find out what type of home best fits your personality in this article.

1. Gullah Geechee Corridor

There is a company that offers Gullah Heritage Tours, which is a comprehensive tour of the Gullah Geechee Corridor. You get to learn the history of the Gullahs and experience their culture. What makes this tour more interesting is it’s a stark contrast to the affluent communities found in Hilton Head Island. You will see how Gullahs still maintain their old farming lifestyle. If you come in February, you might be lucky enough to witness the annual Gullah culture festival.

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2. King Neptune Sundial

Found at the entrance of Shelter Cove Harbour stands the 12-foot bronze statue of Neptune, the Roman God of the Seas. Wayne Edwards built this place in 1983. It is the world’s largest figurative sundial. 

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3. Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park (MPP), Inc. 

It is a non-profit South Carolina company that frames to protect the historical backdrop and instruct people in general about the memorable Mitchelville settlement. Mitchelville was set on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988 (as the Fish Haul Archeological Site), making the site imperative to safeguarding and understanding the country’s troubles during Reconstruction. MPP was framed to go about as a steward to support saving the rich history of Mitchelville and its association with neighborhood Gullah culture. In 1995, the Town of Hilton Head and the State of South Carolina perceived the noteworthy estimation of the Mitchelville site. They raised the official State verifiable marker at the side of Beach City and Fish Haul Roads. This marker has of late migrated to the passage of Fish Haul Creek Park, the future Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park site. 

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4. Hilton Head Distillery

Hilton Head Distillery offers a tour and tasting option for guests over the age of 21. It’s an ideal place for those who want drinkable spirits and casual, family-friendly space. Their last Tour and Tasting will be at 5 PM to give their clients time to make the most of their experience at Hilton Head Distillery. For bottle purchases, they will be open until 6 PM.

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5. The Coastal Discovery Museum

The Lowcountry is a beautiful but delicate place. The Coastal Discovery Museum showcases this along with the region’s history, culture, and art. Likewise, it welcomes guests to discover what makes the 68-acre Historic Honey Horn property exceptional. They also use this tour to inspire guests to develop a concern for our environment and heritage.

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6. Bluffton Oyster Company

It is the last hand shucking house in the state. The shellfish house sits on a recovered land, developed more than a hundred years of disposable shells from previous shucking activities. During the Oyster season, you can watch them emptied from boats at the dock and ladies’ shucking clams inside the production line. Alongside the heavenly mollusks, the organization likewise sells straight from the trawler shrimp, mussels, shellfishes, scallops, fish, and those prized delicate shell crabs.

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What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Go To Hilton Head?

The perfect time to visit is in April, May, September, and October. During summer it is also ideal for touring as the weather is excellent for swimming in the beautiful beaches of the islands.

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Hilton Head might be well-known for its delightful seashores, yet there are a lot more places to visit on our island. Regardless if it’s leasing a kayak and taking off on the beach, snatching a companion and hitting the shops, or taking your family out for a pleasant dinner, the island won’t leave you disillusioned. Make sure to head on over to these beautiful attractions for an enjoyable shopping, dining, and recreational experience, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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Underrated Places To Visit In Hilton Head Island

People Also Ask

What Is Hilton Head Known For Offering?

Hilton Head Island is well-known for its beautiful seashores and exceptional golf courses that are popular all over the world. It is voted as one of the most attractive destinations that vacationers ought to visit.

What Is Part Of Hilton Head Best?

The best places to stay in Hilton Head are:

  1. North Forest Beach
  2. South Forest Beach 
  3. Sea Pines

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