Hilton Head Plantation is Reborn Along With Beautiful New Developments of Hilton Head Island

    Hilton Head Plantation is Reborn Along With Beautiful New Developments of Hilton Head Island

By Charles Sampson

Hilton Head Island is being reborn, developers over the last few years have invested millions of dollars on the island – hotels like the Westin, Omni and Sonesta and the Mall at Shelter Cove has been replaced by Town Center at Shelter Cove. Also, Sea Pines Plantation has spent over 80 million and they are still spending on upgrades. On September 28th the Harbour Town Golf Links which closed in April to be totally upgraded reopened after five months without any play.

Sonesta Resort
Sonesta Resort

Hilton Head Plantation Sold 25% of all Homes in 2014 for a Good Reason

Hilton Head Plantation of Hilton Head Island offers some of the best real estate values on the Island. As a result in 2014, 25% of all of the homes sold on Hilton HeadHHP Entrance Island were in Hilton Head Plantation, this is a trend which should continue in 2015 and beyond. One reason is that the Hilton Head Plantation POA wants the best value for its community. The Spring Lakes Pavilion is a perfect example. Hilton Head Plantation is doing a major Resort Style Upgrade at its Spring Lake Pavilion which is a central amenity for Hilton Head Plantation residents.

The New Spring Lakes Renewal is a Reason On Its Own People Should Buy Property in Hilton Head Plantation…Incredible Value

Spring Lake Rendering      Spring Lake Pool Construction

Currently the Spring Lake Swimming Complex is being dug up and will be rebuilt. The new complex will include:

• A cooled pool which has a beach like walk-in entry
• A lazy river
• An existing boardwalk along the banks of Spring Lake
• A bike path on the northern end of Spring Lake.

The new complex is to be completed prior to the 2016 swim season.

Hargray Construction

Fiber Optics Coming to Hilton Head Plantation

In addition to the new pool complex, Hilton Head Plantation very well may be the first Hilton Head Island community which can have fiber optics connections to every home. The fiber optic connection will allow internet speeds up to 100/10 mbps. Fiber optic uses glass fibers which along with the speed should offer greater stability and less noise. Greater bandwidth will allow for easier downloading of data, movies, family photos and other future uses of the internet. We can assume that future residents of Hilton Head Island will demand the features fiber optics offer.

Not only will the new pool complex at Spring Lake and the fiber optics make Hilton Head Plantation a better place to call home, these improvements should also improve the property values of Hilton Head Plantation and give its owners an advantage over other Hilton Head Island communities.

If you would like to know more about Hilton Head Plantation’s real estate values or any other Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry community please let us know. It would be a privilege for us at the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty to be of any assistance to you. You can give us a call at 843-384-7300 or click into one of our websites:


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Hope you will check it out and come join us for a swim at the new Spring Lake pool next summer.

Secrets on Hilton Head Island Hidden Beaches You Don’t Know About








By Charles Sampson
Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty
www.csampson.com (blog)

Hilton Head Island is known for many wonderful things, great golf, history, wildlife, the arts, and of course, the beaches.  Most people who know Hilton Head Island know about our beaches in the Folly Field area, Forest Beach, Palmetto Dunes and Sea Pines.

Mitchelville Beach
Mitchelville Beach

Most people do not know the well kept secrets of Hilton Head Island’s unknown beaches which include three on the north end of Hilton Head Island; Fish Haul Creek, Mitchelville and Dolphin Head. All three of these are along the Port Royal Sound. The Town of Hilton Head Island constructed parks at both Fish Haul Creek and Mitchelville and during the day have bathroom facilities. These beaches are great for walking, bird watching, fishing and even clamming. Fish Haul and Mitchelville offer a good deal of privacy.

Lost Beach
Mitchelville Beach




Because they are on the Port Royal Sound, these two beaches are not ideal for swimming. The area around them are very diverse when it comes to ecology. They feature tidal flats, beach and dunes, salt marsh and creeks and maritime forest. Both offer a good history lesson into Hilton Head Islands past, which include a display about the Civil War era Town of Mitchelville.

Fish Haul Creek Beach

Hilton Head Plantation Has Offered The Best Real Estate Values
With Its Hidden Gem: The Pine Island Beach of Dolphin Head

Dolphin Head/Pine Island Beach
Dolphin Head / Pine Island Beach

The third north end Hilton Head Island beach is located in Hilton Head Plantation and is called Dolphin Head and Pine Island.  For a long time, Hilton Head Plantation has offered the best real estate values for people who want to live on the Island full time or who want a property in a quiet community.    Hilton Head Plantation is almost 4000 acres and features homes priced from around $300,000 to over $3 Million.  The average Hilton Head Plantation Home is approximately 2500 sq.ft. with an average sales price around $450,000.

In the recent past, home sales in Hilton Head Plantation have amounted to almost 25% of all the homes sold on Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head Plantation offers value and a great deal of amenities that include miles of bike trails, 4 golf courses, Dolphin Head Beach Park, and Spring Lake Recreation Area.  The pool at Spring Lake will have a total re-do in 2015-16 without additional assessments to the property owners.

The Pine Island Beach at Dolphin Head is at the turn of the Intracoastal Waterway out of the Port Royal Sound and into Skull Creek. The beach and the Bluff walkway along the sound, stretches for approximately 2 miles.  The beach at Pine Island is very private. It is great for walking, sunbathing, and if you are a Hilton Head Plantation property owner, it is very easy to ride your bike to the Dolphin Head Beach Park and Pine Island.  Pine Island and the bluff walkway along the Port Royal Sound is a great place to watch the sunrise out of the Atlantic.

Whichever Hilton Head Island beach you visit, we are sure you will agree that a day at the beach is a Great Day!  And when it comes to owning property on the Island or in the Lowcountry, we at the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty are here and ready to help, so you can enjoy more time at the Beach!


Call Charles Sampson Real Estate Group today at 843-384-7300.  Be sure to visit our website at www.bridgetohiltonheadhomes.com

Tourist Stats Reflect Hilton Head Island’s Powerful Growth

Tourist Stats Reflect Hilton Head Island’s Powerful Growth

By Charles Sampson

Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty



The Town of Hilton Head Island is truly getting huge recognition from the national media.  Both 2014 and YTD 2015 have seen a very healthy number of visitors.  Recently the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce published some information on how well the Island is doing with tourists and visitors. The number of people spending their money has a direct effect on Hilton Head Island’s economy. Beginning with the 2014 stats, Hilton Head Island saw over 2.6 million visitors and as reported by the Chamber of Commerce, occupancy was 2.5% higher than in 2013.  Furthermore, in the last 5 years, Hilton Head Island hotel occupancy is up 17%. This makes a tremendous difference for Hilton Head’s hotel business.

Conventions in Hilton Head Bring People Who Never Want To Leave

The other day after speaking with an executive at the Westin on Hilton Head Island, she said an important part of the increase at the Westin was due to a big increase in their convention business. This is why hotels like this have made the investment into higher quality. For many years, companies like IBM booked annual sales meetings on Hilton Head annually and for good reason. Now, it is becoming a more common practice among many companies. As a result, there are a lot of folks living here who attended those meetings and once they saw Hilton Head Island, they elected to own property here!

beach umbrella

This simply confirms our motto at Charles Sampson Real Estate Group:

“Come for a Visit and Stay for a Lifetime!”

This is what happens when people come to the conventions and see how truly beautiful Hilton Head Island is. They often just want to live and enjoy the natural beauty and peace that Hilton head has to offer.

 Corporations and National Media Recognize Hilton Head Promoting Its Growth


The Chamber of Commerce’s update noted that the Savannah-Hilton Head Airport reported a 17% increase in 2014 as compared to 2013.  We are certain Jet Blue played a role in the significant increase.  CNN.com, USA Today, the Travel Channel, Conde Nast Traveler, Money Magazine, and Garden and Gun have all had stories that featured Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry in 2015.

The Chamber continued to report that this effort equaled approximately $12,000,000 in advertising value.  This type of good PR along with the recent Gold Level Bike Friendly Community status Hilton Head Island was awarded will entice people to Hilton Head for a visit. The Chamber further noted that they have 72,000 Facebook friends and had 2 Million plus visits to HiltonHeadIsland.org in 2014!

logoAward Winning Charles Sampson Real Estate Group Invites
You To Your Piece of Beautiful Hilton Head Island

As an Island resident since 1972 and providing service with excellence for over 30 years, we at Charles Sampson Real Estate  will be delighted to help you find that piece of the Island that you will fall in love with and be able to call your own.

You will live the Island Lifestyle.  The Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty is only a phone call or a click away.  Call or text 843-384-7300 or check us out on our websites at www.BridgeToHiltonHeadHomes.com, www.CharlesSampson.com or www.CharterOneRealty.com

 Now is the time to Jump into the Real Estate Market!

dock jumping

Biking is Becoming King on Hilton Head Island

By Charles Sampson
Charles Sampson Real Estate Group
Of Charter One Realty

For many yeast Hilton Head Island has been known for its great golf and fantastic beaches. Today many people are enjoying Hilton Head as one of the top biking communities in the Southeast.

SampsonBike1Recently the Town of Hilton Head Island was awarded the Gold Level Bike Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Hilton Head Island is the only Gold Level Community in South Carolina as well as all of the Southeast. Within the Town of Hilton Head Island, there are more than 60 miles of public pathways and nature trails that cyclists can enjoy. In addition there are more than 50 miles of pathways in the Island’s gated communities.

The 12 miles of sandy beach is a great place to ride at low tide. The Town of Hilton Head Island has built kiosks along the pathways that display the Island-wide and local route bike maps. These are a great help to visitors. At last count, there were over 30 bike rental companies and from what I understand, there are between 20,000 and 25,000 rental bikes. Visitors to Hilton Head Island are getting on bicycles and peddling around the Island.SampsonBike2

Bike Experts Identified Top Island Bike Paths.

One of these includes the north end of the Island’s pathway that goes by Barker Field and over a boardwalk looking over the marsh out to the Port Royal Sound as one of the most scenic.

For a romantic ride, try the beach at sunrise or sunset. Bike riding on Hilton Head Island is easy due to the flat terrain and the Town of Hilton Head Island’s bike pathway system. Getting out on a bike on Hilton Head can be a great family activity or very competitive depending on what a SampsonBike3rider is looking for. It is a great way to see the Island.

Being a REALTOR and involved with the Hilton Head Island biking since the 1970’s, I would love to come up with a way I could show property biking. There is no better way to get the feel of a community and see all Hilton Head Island has to offer than by bicycle. Whether it is by bike or from my car, we would appreciate the opportunity to be able to show you some property. I must say it has been a long time since I had someone ride on the handle bars of my bicycle. We here at the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty are here to help you with anything from a bike ride to your Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry real estate needs.

Call or Text Us Today at 843-384-7300. www.CharlesSampson.com

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Get out and ride the Hilton Head Island pathways, you will enjoy it and it will be good for your health. Ride safely and have fun!



New Area Codes Are Coming To South Carolina

Listen Up! New Area Codes Are Coming To South Carolina For A Great Reason

By Charles Sampson
Charles Sampson Real Estate Group 

Buyers are listening when we say “Come for a Visit and Stay for a Lifetime!”

CSBlogJuly1A few good examples of this are the fact that real estate home sales on Hilton Head Island in 2015 are 8% higher than the first 6 months of 2014. The second example is the need for a new telephone area code for the eastern 1/3 of South Carolina, the coastal area from North Carolina to Hilton Head Island.

As of January 1, 1947 all of South Carolina had the 803 area code. In December of 1995, the 864 area code was established for the North West area of South Carolina. As of March 22, 1998, the coast of South Carolina was split from the 803 area code with the addition of a new area code of 843.

Today with the number of folks realizing how great it is to be living in the eastern part of South Carolina, especially along the coast like Hilton Head Island, the new area code 854 is being added in the fall of 2015.

Area Code Changes in Hilton Head Won’t Be Confusing or DifficultCSBlogJuly2

Unlike previous changes, the 854 area code will be added as an “overlay” to the 843 area code and both will serve the same area. You might ask “what does all this mean?” First of all, no one will have to change their phone number; second, beginning September 19, 2015, we will need to dial 10 digits to complete a local call. That means you will have to include the area code for all calls. Beginning October 19, 2015, the new 854 area code numbers will be assigned.

There are a few things those of us who have the 843 area code can do now to get ready for the changeover – update any pre-programed 7 digit numbers or text alerts, re-program any service or device (i.e. speed dial, cell forwarding, fax machines, internet dial-up or voicemail, alarms, etc.). Also check any printed material or websites to assure they reflect the 10 digit numbers.

Rest assured that we at the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty will be here at 843-681-3307 or by voice or text on our cell at 843-384-7300.

CSBlogJuly3Should you have any questions about the area code overlay of 843/854 or anything to do with real estate on Hilton Head Island or in the Lowcountry, please give us a call, or send a text or email to Charles@CharlesSampson.com. To check out our real estate market you can always click www.CharlesSampson.com or soon to come www.BridgeToHiltonHeadHomes.com. With a fall 2015 real estate purchase, you just may be assigned the 854 area code, undoubtedly you will be able to begin living the Island Lifestyle!




Hilton Head Island – The Model for Medical Clinics Across The United States

By Charles H. Sampson
Charles Sampson Real Estate Group

CSBlog1Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry is the place to be if you are looking for great beaches, great weather, great outdoor activities for singles or families and a great lifestyle for every age. Hilton Head and the Lowcountry also have a very caring community. Recently, I attended a community meeting for Hilton Head Plantation residents and the guest speaker was a doctor with the Hilton Head Island’s Volunteers in Medicine (VIM). This organization was founded in 1993 by Hilton Head Plantation resident, Dr. Jack McConnell. The clinic encompasses over 8,000 square feet and in 2014 the clinic had over 30,000 patient visits. VIM Hilton Head Island is reported to be the largest free clinic in South Carolina. A wonderful result of VIM Hilton Head Island has taken place; there are now approximately 97 medical clinics across the country based on the VIM Hilton Head model.CSBlog2

VIM provides care in 23 medical specialties and five disease management clinics. VIM helps to keep people who do not have health coverage out of the hospital emergency room. To qualify, a VIM patient’s income cannot exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Patients can either live or work on Hilton Head Island or Daufuskie Island. The mission statement of Volunteers in Medicine is: “To understand and serve the health and wellness of the medically underserved population and their households, living or working on Hilton Head and Daufuskie Island.”

Medical Professionals Contribute Their Services to Community Health

Today VIM has more than 600 lay and professional volunteers providing approximately 50,000 hours of service. The health care volunteers include doctors, dentists, nurses, mental health providers, lab and x-ray technicians and pharmacists. A good number of pharmaceuticals are donated each year to the clinic.

VIM patients are also volunteers. Many of the volunteers are highly skilled and help with maintenance, painting, and cleaning as well as fundraising. Financial reports have revealed that even with all the donated items and volunteer hours, the costs are still above $2,000,000 a year. However, this cost to serve the community provides over $12,000,000 in services by VIM.

Volunteers in Medicine Hilton Head Island is The Model for the United States

The VIM Clinic Hilton Head has resulted in approximately 97 like clinics across the country, one of which is in the Lowcountry as VIM Bluffton.

A sincere thank you to Dr. Jack McConnell for his foresight and dedication; to all the volunteers; and to all who help to support Volunteers in Medicine Clinic Hilton Head Island. I am proud to say Charter One Realty has donated thousands of dollars to the support of VIM.

Charles Sampson Real Estate Group – 843-384-7300

Charles Sampson Real Estate Group – Provides Customer Results With Better Value

The first 16 days of 2015, the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group worked with three clients who all have a property under contract. One couple from Connecticut who we had their villa on Hilton Head Island on the market in 2002 for $385,000. A short time later, they took it off the market  and relisted  it in 2004 at $495,000.   After lowering the price to $469,000  it sold  for $450,000.

More Real Estate Value For Less Money

Fast forward to 2015 and they found they wanted to buy one of the same units to use and rent out. The villa complex is ocean front. They put an offer in on a villa just like what they sold  11 years  earlier; however,  this one was totally updated  in 2014 and is closer to the  ocean.
They are buying this villa for $388,000 or $62,000 which was less in price than their  last one and the new one is  better!

We had another couple who had been looking to move here to be near family for a good number of years.  This year with their out of state home is under contract and they came with their checkbook in hand. They now have a brand new home under contract which will close just after their  out of state home closes.

Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry Provides Real Estate Value And An Enjoyable Lifestyle; Timing is Everything

There was yet another couple was looking in August to buy but decided they were not quite ready. In early January they contacted us and said they would be here on the 15th. We  discussed the properties they saw on the internet. When they arrived, we looked at about 15 properties on the last day they narrowed their choice to four properties. They wanted a home they could  rent  out long term  until they were  ready  to retire to Hilton Head  in about four years. They made an offer on their first choice but would be happy with any of their four top choices. By the time they made their offer, both choice number one and two already had offers the sellers were considering. We were notified on their last day here that they did not get their first choice. They wrote a contract on choice number two and due to the terms, the seller accepted their offer over the one they had been negotiating.  Furthermore,  by the following  Tuesday their third and fourth choices were also under contract. The four homes ranged in price between  $450,000 and $640,000. Timing is a critical determinant  of  outcome.

The Hilton Head Island Lifestyle, Weather And Activities Bring Families  and  Friends  To Hilton  Head  For A Lifetime

The Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry real estate market in 2015 is off to a very  good year and with the lifestyle our area has to offer   and it should continue;  value, bank  rates, weather, Island Activities  like the Arts, Festivals, and  RBC  Heritage

Isn’t it time to come for a visit, you may want to stay for a lifetime! Give the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty a call today at 843-384-7300!

Or send an email (Charles@charlessampson.com), a text or better yet plan a visit to Hilton Head Island. We would love to  meet with you and to help you become part  of Hilton  Head Island and the Lowcountry.

Come For A Visit-Stay For A Lifetime

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Hilton Head Plantation Lead Sales of All Hilton Head Communities in 2014

By Charles Sampson

Overall it was not as good as 2013, but it still was the second best year since 2005.

Even though there were fewer sales, other factors in our market continued to improve. The days on the market dropped by 3.4% and the median sales price saw a 2.3% increase. Average sales price also improved by 2.66%.  On Hilton Head Island one popular community, Hilton Head Plantation, home sales improved by almost 5%.
Hilton Head Plantation home sales amounted to 25% of all the homes sold on Hilton Head Island in 2014, (879 total sales with 221 sold in HHP). Hilton Head Plantation has always offered outstanding values and a great fulltime lifestyle. For buyers who are looking for a property they would rent on a weekly basis, there are other communities like Palmetto Dunes Resort, Shipyard, Forest Beach, and Sea Pines Resort which would  work better. Short term rental properties should be close to the beach to maximize rentals.

Back in September, it was predicted that the upcoming winter weather would be worse than the winter of 2013/14. November, December 2014 and January 2015 proved all of these predictions to be correct. We have already seen a good number of buyers come and pick up a Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry property so they can get out of the snow.

The values are good, bank rates are better now than they were last year. Recent buyers  were quoted  under 4% for a 30 year fixed rate and to date Hilton Head Island this winter has yet to see any snow!


Charles Sampson Real Estate Group will help you get out of the snow and take advantage of these incredibly low interest rates with the outstanding Hilton Head Island’s and the Lowcountry home values. Call Us Today at 843-384-7300.

Come For A Visit-Stay For A Lifetime

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Thankful for Living on Hilton Head Island in the South Carolina Lowcountry

By Charles Sampson

Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty

As a child when my family would vacation at the beach on Hilton Head Island, I did not imagine that one day Hilton Head Island would become my home.  I am very thankful to say that for the past 43 years Hilton Head Island has been our home and we have been able to raise a family and are helping to raise our grandchildren in the Lowcountry.  With the island lifestyle we are still living the dream!

Being in real estate, I really appreciate it when other people understand and write about the South Carolina Lowcountry and Hilton Head Island.  Recent examples include two articles from the National Geographic writers.  National Geographic had an article on the ACE Basin.  The ACE Basin is an area of the Lowcountry formed by the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers.  The area runs from just south of Charleston to just north of Beaufort (http://www.acebasin.net/).  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2014/11/ace-basin/burroughs-text   The pristine views of the marshes and rivers filled with wildlife are breathtaking.  The South Carolina saltwater marshes are a very important part of the ecosystem and is where sea life food chain begins.

Hilton Head Island- “A Must See” (National Geographic)

The second article was the National Geographic Traveler presents the New Year (2015) Must See Places.  From India to Switzerland to the South Carolina Sea Islands, the article has 20 worldwide “go-now” destinations.  The first destination is the Sea Islands of South Carolina with a lead photo of Palmetto Bluff and the main story about my home of Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head Island Featured in the final US Airways Inflight Magazine

The third publication featuring Hilton Head Island is the December issue of US Airways Inflight magazine.  US Airways magazine is the longest running inflight magazine and has been published for 40 years.  The December issue will be the last issue because of US Airways’ merger with American Airlines.  I suppose you can say they saved the best for last.  The December issue will be viewed worldwide on 3,125 daily flights and feature Hilton Head Island’s Harbour Town Golf Links 18th Fairway and Lighthouse on the cover.  There are 52 pages (20% of the issue) about Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.  I am proud to say Charter One Realty has the last page in this article. This placement will assure that real estate buyers who read the article will know who to contact, so they too can become a property owner and start living the Island Lifestyle. Speaking of Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry real estate, 2014 is still going to be a great time to buy property.  With the way the weather has turned to winter, even though it is still fall in the Northeast and Midwest, when those folks are able to get out from under the mountains of snow and cold, we may very well see all the good buys sold by the summer of 2015.  Add to that interest rates are reported to be moving higher next year, so the sooner buyers buy the better.

If you fly on USAir in December, I hope you will check out all that Hilton Head Island has to offer. Also check out why Nat Geo Traveler named our area as one of the 20 top locations to visit.  For Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry real estate values just click www.CharlesSampson.com

We like to say Come for a Visit and Stay for a Lifetime!

Why Hilton Head Island & The Lowcountry

2014/15 Festival Season has something for Everyone – True Family Enjoyment!

Hilton Head Island is so much more than just Great Golf and the Beach!

Most weekends in the Fall and Spring on Hilton Head Island offer some type of festival.  The 2014/15 Festival Season kicked off with the Bluffton Boiled Peanut Festival and the Italian Festival that was recently held at Honey Horn.  There was great food, wine, grape stomping, music and more.  On that day at that event everyone is Italian!  Other Hilton Head and Lowcountry festivals include Burgers and Brew, the Chili Cook-off, Rib Burn-off, Bluffton’s week-long Arts and Seafood Festival, which saw over 5000 people in attendance, Craft Beer and more.(http://www.hiltonheadchamber.org/news-and-events/chamber-events ).

Two of the largest festivals are the Concours d’Elegance in the fall and the Wine and Food Festival in the spring.  The Concours is a week-long event that begins on October 26 in Savannah, Georgia with different car events, including hot laps with a professional driver on the Hutchinson Island track.  The week ends with outstanding autos on display along the fairways of the Port Royal Golf Course on Hilton Head Island on November 1 and 2 (www.hhiconcours.com).

In March there is a week-long Wine and Food Festival on Hilton Head Island.  All week long different restaurants and hotels will host wine themed dinners and talks.  The week ends with one of the largest outdoor public wine tastings on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at Honey Horn.  Along with wine, there will be food vendors.  It doesn’t get any better than attending this festival on an early spring afternoon on Hilton Head Island with a little cheese, a French baguette, and countless different wines to taste! (www.HiltonHeadWineandFood.com)

In April on Hilton Head Island and in the Lowcountry, the biggest festival of all occurs—the week-long RBC Heritage presented by Boeing.  The Heritage is the week after the Masters which is just up the road in Augusta.  The PGA pros love the Heritage! It is a lot more relaxed…kind of like the Island Lifestyle, and Hilton Head Island offers a very family environment for them to enjoy. True Southern Hospitality comes out at the RBC Heritage. (www.RBCHeritage.com)

Like other seasons, with Festival Season upon us, we like to say:

 “Come for a Visit – Stay for a Lifetime!” 

One way to make sure you can enjoy all that Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry have to offer is to come and take advantage of the great real estate opportunities, by picking up a home or villa to either move here or use as a second home.  We at the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty would very much like to be your Trusted Advisor for real estate.  My wife, Frances, and I moved to Hilton Head Island in 1972 and we truly love living here.  Real Estate values are still very good, bank rates are still historically low and the Island Lifestyle is here for you to enjoy.  Please call or send us a text to: 843-384-7300, or email me at: Charles@CharlesSampson.com.  It would be our pleasure to meet with you.  We would also like to offer the use of our website, www.CharlesSampson.com, which has detailed information on all of the Hilton Head Island area listed properties as well as some fun facts about Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.

Hilton Head and the Lowcountry Housing Update

 Important Information About The First Eight Months of Real Estate Sales in 2014

Statistics have shown that the 2013 real estate market was the best since the top of the market in 2005. We saw a beginning of stabilization of the market in 2012, with the prices of homes under $500,000 firming up.


Hilton Head and The Lowcountry, SC – Oct. 1, 2014: Above the $500,000 range there was still some downward pressure.  As good as 2013 was, and the government tapering having little effect on interest rates, Charles Sampson felt 2014 would be an improvement over 2013.  The beginning of 2014 was very good for the Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry home sales market. 

The Charles Sampson Real Estate Group had a number of buyers email or call and say they would be down “as soon as they could get out of the snow.”  There were and still are great values.

Bank Rates Are Still Low As The Endless Snow in The Northeast And Midwest Helped The Winter And Early Spring Marketplace

For the first four months of 2014, real estate home sales on Hilton Head Island were ahead of the 2013 pace.

  • The late spring and summer saw sales slow a little and through the end of July they were down 5.5%.
  • This number is still about 5% higher than YTD in 2012.
  • The number of pending sales, future closings that are under contract, was down by 3.5% as compared to 2013, but up almost 10% over 2012.
  • Inventory of homes for sale in the first eight months of 2014 was down by 1% under YTD 2013 and down about 10% YTD 2012.
  • Lower inventory can cause prices to go up somewhat, but may lower the number of sales.

A good sign for Sellers regarding lower inventory means the median sales price for closed Hilton Head Island and Lowcountry homes was within .5% from where they were YTD in 2013 and 2013 saw a 13.3% increase over the YTD 2012 prices.

Leading  experts, including Charles Sampson, believe 2014 will be another good year, as we see the trend that began in 2009  improving with the number of home sales in the Hilton Head MLS.

The Farmer’s Almanac for 2015 is predicting this winter will be worse than previous years. If the people in the Northeast and Midwest were tired of their weather last winter, they should email or call Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty.

Charles Sampson, a trusted authority and advisor of Hilton Head Island properties, has been a resident of Hilton Head Island since 1972. He has won several distinguished awards as Realtor of the Year as well as the Citizenship Award by The Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce. He is considered a leader in the community. Mr. Charles Sampson will put his integrity and years of experience to work for you, finding the right home, villa or condo in Hilton Head Island or the Lowcountry area. His motto is: “Come For A Visit- Stay For A Lifetime.” Visit the Charles Sampson Blog at www.CharlesSampson.com/blog or call 843-384-7300 today.

For Sellers of Hilton Head area homes you should call us or send an email to Charles@CharlesSampson.com and he will give you  professional service to get your property on the market and ready for the buyers who will be here this fall and winter.





2014-2015 Schedule For Hilton Head Island Arts and The Real Estate Selling Seasons

By Charles Sampson of Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty

On Hilton Head Island we are blessed to have a very good Arts and Culture Community. The kickoff for the Arts Season is mid-September to early October. This same period has been a very good real estate season for Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry.

The Arts Season in 2014 began with the Choral Society’s “Language of Love” concert on September 12th. The choral society will be followed by the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina’s first of six plays this season:

To Kill a Mockingbird runs from September 30 — October 19. For more information on this play and to see the schedule for the entire season, visit: www.artshhi.com

The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra (HHSO), under the direction of the fantastic John Morris Russell (also Maestro of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra), will have their first concert Sunday afternoon on October 12 and again Monday night, October 13.

All of the 2014/15 HHSO concerts will have two performances with most on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. This is a result of a good many of the 2013/14 concert sell outs! For more information about the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, visit: www.HHSO.org

Buying Property in Hilton Head Island and The Lowcountry

These are just three of the many art groups Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry enjoy. Being in real estate, we are able to meet with people who have either just moved to the Hilton Head area or are considering buying a home, second home, villa or rental property here. When asked why they selected the Hilton Head Island area their responses include the Beach, Weather, Outdoor Activities, Island Lifestyle, Festivals, Local History and The Arts our area has to offer.

In the Charles Sampson Real Estate Group of Charter One Realty, we like to say:

“Come for a Visit, and Stay for a Lifetime!”

For me, I first began to visit in the late 1950’s, then with my wife in the 1960’s, and I finally moved to Hilton Head Island in 1972 after college. If you are considering picking up some Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry real estate so you can start to enjoy the lifestyle, send an email to Charles@CharlesSampson.com, or call or text at 843-384-7300. It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way that we can. We have the expertise and superior service when it comes to Hilton Head Real Estate. The real estate values and the Island Lifestyle are too good to pass up. We look forward to seeing you at some of the Hilton Head Symphony concerts or the Arts Center for one of the plays. We assure you that if you enjoy visiting Hilton Head Island, like us, you will love living here even more!

How Charles Sampson Solves Your 2015 Farmer’s Almanac Icy Winter Dilemma

The winter of 2014 was not easy if you lived in the Midwest or the Northeast. Well, the Farmer’s Almanac has some pretty discouraging news for the 2015 winter. It is supposed to be WORSE THAN 2014. This means what seems like non-ending cold and snow. It seems like forever and it can be so very dismal.

A snowy winter is predicted with “below normal temperatures for three quarters of the nation.”- Farmer’s Almanac

The answer to this wintery dilemma is well said by Charles Sampson, a leading and award-winning Realtor from Hilton Head Island, SC.

 “Come For A Visit and Stay For A Lifetime”

Hilton Head Island and the surrounding Lowcountry area is so beautiful with mild winters with breath-taking scenery. Hilton Head is considered one of the most alluring locations in the United States. It is why so many people move here to get away from the unending winters. The homes in Hilton Head are exquisite.


An Unending List of Fun Things To Do in Hilton Head

You already know about our pristine golf courses and limitless bike paths. The shopping is excellent and ranges from quaint boutiques to the malls. Our beaches are amazing and there is endless wildlife everywhere.

Charles Sampson Real Estate Group is a leading Real Estate firm on Hilton Head Island. Charles Sampson makes the transition so much easier because of the extensive experience and years here on Hilton Head Island. There are wonderful properties from which to choose. Charles Sampson offers Hilton Head Island homes, condos and villas (on or off the beaches or golf courses).

Make sure to start looking now before others buy up the real estate on Hilton Head Island this season and it is happening right now.  Charles Sampson Real Estate Group has top listings for homes on Hilton Head Island that will give you the relief from those winter storms.  Click on  www.CharlesSampson.com, or call us today at 843-384-7300, or email to Charles@CharlesSampson.com.